Experience FAST-PASS Rentals!

Theme-park-style ‘skip-the-line’ for rentals – “All hail the line cutters!”


Zero setup fees, Zero subscription fees, Zero obligation

Simplify and streamline the rental process

for both your shop and your customers with our proprietary software solution.

Faster Service

Lighter workload

Improved Experience

This is not your typical rental software.

This is a modular platform to create a hassle-free guest experience.

Smart Setup

Simple and fast self service to complete tasks such as updating logos, store hours, inventory, rental packages, pricing etc.

Smart DINS

Proprietary SmartDINS app eliminates the need for in-person DIN verification and hold-harmless waivers so techs can focus on first-timers and tuning.

Smart Stock

We integrate with existing inventory software to allow guests to choose equipment in advance.

Smart Signature

Guests can easily sign mandatory resort waivers digitally before they arrive. Ditch the paper trail!

Smart Boot Fitting

Pre-size at home using the latest foot scanning and sizing technology

Smart Lockers

Wireless lockers with integrated boot heaters for a truly automated and elevated guest experience. Much more than your average ski locker.

Hear what SnoBoxPro Customers are saying

Customers expect to order their gear on their own time.

No one wants to wait in a shop when the snow and slopes are ready to ride.